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We can haz marriage?

So, Emily and I were going to go get our Marriage License forms today from Forsyth County (about an hour from her parents place), but then late last night we realized I would need something with my Social on it (like my Social Security card). Well, I called this morning and indeed, as it says on their site, a W2 from work is fine (never mind the fact that mine is web-delivered and looks like something an amateur threw together with a table in a word processor, and that it didn’t have the same address as my driver’s license). So we headed out late from Greensboro, and understandably, Emily was concerned that it’d be like the DMV, where if you don’t go at opening, you’re stuck in a line of disgruntled smelly people for hours. So we left early enough before lunch that the street traffic wasn’t too bad in Winston-Salem, but then we had to find parking…

On their website they listed the street, the lot, and the deck. Well, the deck had confusing signs that made it look reserved, the lot had similar signs, but they were only visible after we had entered it, so on our way out we stopped beside a parking guy in an little electric car to ask him. We rolled the window down and i kind of shouted (?) across emily, “Excuse me, we are trying to go in there to get our marriage license, do y’all know where we could park?” And bless their hearts, the two guys (parking man and security guard) couldn’t help but light right up, and the parking said, “Y’all can just park right over there by the blue van, it’s on me today since you’re getting married! Congratulations!” and the security guard said, “and I’ll be in there after you get it for a free 1-minute marriage counseling session!” So, we took our free parking and thanked them, and went into the building.

The building seems very new, it was gorgeous, for a big ol municipal building. There were very clear signs marking our route to the Registrar (Registry?) of Deeds or whatever it was called, up on the 2nd floor. We walked in and much to our delight, there was 1 … “customer” (?) there other than us, and there were 4 open “windows” (more of like a cubicle, but anyways). So she called us right up and couldn’t help but grin with us several times because we just grinned like fools throughout the whole time. After about a quick 7 minutes of checking forms and signing documents (THANKS EMILY FOR FILLING OUT ALL THE PAPER WORK ONLINE IN ADVANCE!), we raised our right hands and swore that everything on the forms was true and that neither of us knew of any legal impediments to our marriage. HOORAY!

So we left there just grinning and happy with our forms in bag, and headed downstairs where our free marriage counselor was perched. The kind old patriarch who had “been married 385 years” basically took 3 minutes and told me that women don’t always say what they mean (completely ignoring Emily’s presence glued to my side the whole time), and then said, well, i guess you can take all that as BS, but congratulations and good luck!

So we left there and had to get lunch, where else to eat in Winston-Salem, but Sweet Potatoes?! SO we parked at a 1-hr parking spot right out front and (I) had a delicious meal (Emily was disappointed with hers, but i’m telling you this place rocks, maybe just don’t get their caesar salad if you’re not big on anchovies or salad dressings).

The day continued on in its glorious fashion, but that will have to wait… I have more wedding to prepare!

July 6th, 2011 7:13

Yay for marriage license! (Boo for sexist advice. -_-)

Also, ew, anchovies.